3 Ways Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Some people think skipping breakfast is a great weight-loss tactic. The logic being that they’re cutting calories out of their daily intake; unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way. Most people will make up for the calories later on in the day. Eating a meal in the morning can actually help you reach your weight-loss goal, and here are three reasons why.

1. Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism: If you skip the first meal of the day, your metabolism actually slows down to conserve energy. Studies show that those who eat breakfast regularly lose weight, keep it off, and are less likely to be overweight. Breakfast eaters also more likely to exercise regularly. So be sure you eat breakfast, and enjoy it within an hour after waking up.

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Helpful Ways to Stop a Panic Attack Right in Its Tracks

When a panic attack occurs, it feels like the world is ending. Or at least that yours is. If you’ve ever experienced a full-blown anxiety attack, you’re probably willing to do almost anything to avoid another one and to stop one in its tracks when and if it does occur. There’s no guaranteed method for ending a panic attack when it starts, but there are a few things that can really help stop one when it’s happening to you. Everyone is different, so different things work for all us! The next time panic creeps in, try these tips for getting through it.

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4 Morning Rituals to Help Relieve Anxiety

I’m an innately anxious person. Maybe it’s just something that’s in my genes (thanks, Mom). Maybe I was just born this way, baby. As a kid, I can remember lying in bed in the middle of the night allowing thoughts of worry to ruminate in my head until I was completely consumed by panic. I obsessed over everything and often tried to predict every possible outcome of a situation before it happened. I allowed anxiety to hold me back from doing the things I really wanted to do. I skipped social events, held back from voicing my opinion in my professional life, and avoided risks at all costs.

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How to Live Your Best Life in 5 Simple Steps

Ever find yourself scrolling through an abyss of #mybestlife hashtags and begin to ponder where it all went wrong? How is so-and-so from high school “finding herself” in Tulum, while you’re home watching Island Life, dreaming of what could have been? Friend-of-a-friend is showcasing her Sunday meal prep in color-coordinated Tupperware, while you’re wondering if there’s an age limit to eating chicken nuggets. What’s-her-name is posting pics of her new job, which looks really similar to having no job, and you’re counting down the hours to the weekend like, 96 . . . . 95 . . . 94, when you will attempt, wholeheartedly, to live your best life.

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What Happened When I Decided to Stop Planning

Calendar reminders, Outlook invitations, notes in my phone, early morning gym classes, work deadlines, work events, dinners with friends, date nights: these were a few of the things that made up my life as of about four months ago. If you’re anything like me, this list probably sounds pretty familiar. You’re constantly moving from one thing to the next barely stopping to process all that’s going on. My weeks were scheduled to the minute — I rarely had an evening where I went straight home after work, and if someone wanted to make plans, the conversation usually went something like, “Great! How’s two weeks from next Tuesday?”

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11 Things Introverts Know to Be True

I’m not in the habit of putting any one group of people into a box. No matter how any of us characterize our personalities — introvert, extrovert, ambivert, whatever — we’re all unique and diverse and lovely in our own nonconforming ways, and I get that. I do. At the same time, there’s a good chance you’ll find me eating ice cream alone on the couch at 2 a.m. on Saturday mornings, screaming with laughter at trending memes and cartoons about introverts because they describe my awkward, introverted existence to a T, and man do I love the internet. That said, in my tireless research, I’ve discovered several (dare I say) ubiquitous truths introverts can relate to. If you identify as such, see the points below, crack a beer, and celebrate. It’s a weird, wonderful life indeed.

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How Waking Up Early in the Morning to Exercise Could Actually Be Counterproductive

Better sleep habits rarely come to mind when we start drafting our goals for the new year, but by depriving ourselves of sufficient shuteye, we’re hurting our chances of success in other areas — especially when it comes to weight loss and exercise. To better understand how lack of sleep affects our health, we spoke with Terry Cralle, RN, a registered nurse and certified clinical sleep educator at The Better Sleep Council.

“We have to rethink sleep and look at it as the foundation of health and not just one of the three pillars,” Cralle told. “So instead of looking at sleep, diet, and exercise sort of on equal footing, we’re now saying that without that basic foundation of sleep, dieting and maintaining a healthy weight and getting the physical activity that we need is really an uphill battle now we know the science.”

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How an Extrovert Learned to Love Being Alone

Like all extroverts, I get energy from being around people. It’s how I feel both relaxed and comforted. Conversely, introverts need to be alone to recharge, but when I’m alone, I find it draining and sad, which is why I’m usually blasting podcasts or have reruns of Will and Grace playing for “background noise” when I’m by myself. I’m also a natural entertainer personality type, meaning being with people also gives me purpose.

So when I wound up living almost 2,000 miles away from my friends and family, working from home, and with a husband in the army who goes on month-long training exercises during which time he can’t be contacted, I had no choice but to learn how to get that comfort and purpose from within.

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How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Before It Kills You

While excusing yourself from sugary celebrations is no fun, neither is dealing with a post-sugar-binge hangover. And on top of it, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave — it can take a few days to weeks to get over an addiction to refined sugar once you start. Not only that, but studies have shown that eating too much refined sugar can speed up your body’s aging process. If you know you can’t resist sweet temptations, read on to learn nutritionist-approved strategies that will keep you on the right track.

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4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning Meal

Skipping meals is not the best weight-loss strategy, especially when it comes to breakfast. Eating in the morning wakes up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout your day. A solid first meal of the day also helps keep you feeling satiated so you eat fewer calories later. If you’re working to drop pounds, keep in mind these four breakfast rules.

Eat Breakfast Within 1 Hour of Waking

4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning Meal

The timing of your first meal is important. It’s best to eat breakfast within 30 minutes to an hour of waking. An early breakfast helps maintain your circadian rhythm, boosts your metabolism early, and feeds muscle growth.

Go For Protein, Not Sugar

4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning Meal

While pancakes dripping with syrup sounds scrumptious for a Sunday brunch, it’s not something you should devour regularly for breakfast. High-protein choices, like eggs, smoothies made with beans or protein powder, whole grains, and nuts, are lower in calories and provide more energy than a sugary pick-me-up. Here are some breakfasts featuring whole grains, and if you love eggs, try this simple recipe for eggs and avocado.

Eat at Least 8 Grams of Fiber

4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning Meal

The key to losing weight is to eat foods that make you feel full so hunger pains don’t drive you to eat high-calorie foods. For the first meal of the day, go for tons of fiber — at least 8 grams. Whip up a bowl of oatmeal, or try these high-fiber smoothies. If you’re in a rush, pour a bowl of one of these 10 cereals with 8 or more grams of fiber. If you have a little more time, try these breakfast ideas that contain 10 grams of fiber and are also gluten-free.

Don’t Go Overboard on Calories

4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning Meal

Depending on your weight, your weight-loss goals, and what you eat for the rest of the day, it’s important to keep your breakfast calorie count between 300 and 500. That means you probably don’t want to splurge on a 390-calorie doughnut. Choose low-calorie options like veggie omelets, protein smoothies, oatmeal, fresh fruit, and whole-wheat toast. A bowl of cereal is another great option; just don’t make these calorie-busting cereal mistakes. If you’re into smoothies, here are some ways to save calories before you sip.